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Oranmore / Maree Camogie Club

Loughrea Hotel & Spa SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

SUNDAY MAY 5th in Gort Pitch @ 1.30pm

Oranmore Maree 7.09 Craughwell 3.11

Loughrea Hotel & Spa Senior League 2019

24th March 2019

Oranmore Maree 0.12 Eyrecourt 0.04

7th April 2019

Craughwell 1.09 Oranmore / Maree 2.16

22nd April 2019

St. Thomas's 0.11 Oranmore / Maree 4 .10


Round 1 Senior Championship

Oranmore Maree v Sarsfields

Friday June 22nd @ 7.30pm

Gort GAA Pitch

2018 Senior League

Group B


St. Thomas











Round 1 to be played on or before April 2nd

St Thomas's v Oranmore Maree (played in Oranmore)

               1.07                     4.09

Round 2 to be played on or before April 8th

Oranmore Maree v Ardrahan

               3.17                     0.11

Round 3 to be played on or before April 15th

Oranmore Maree v Cappataggle (Not Played)

Round 4 to be played on or before April 22nd

Athenry v Oranmore Maree (Not Played)

Round 5 to be played on or before April 25th

Davitts v Oranmore Maree

2017 Senior League Fixtures

First Team Named has Home Advantage

Group A  




Oranmore Maree 



Group B







Rd 1 on or before March 26th

Mullagh v Oranmore Maree

Rd 2 on or before April 2nd

Eyrecourt v Oranmore Maree

Rd 3 on or before April 12th

Oranmore Maree v Sarsfields

Rd 4 on or before April 16th / 17th

Oranmore Maree v Ardrahan

Rd 5 on or before May 1st

Oranmore Maree v Killimor

2016 Fixtures

Coiste Camogaiochta an Iarthair.       U15 Competition – 2016

Group 1: Salthill Knocknacarra, Maigh Cuilinn , Turloughmore, Castlegar

Group 2: Cois Fharraige, Carnmore, Liam Mellows, Oranmore Maree

Group 1                                                                          Group 2

Round 1 to be played on or before 17th Sept

Maigh Cuilinn        V     Turloughmore                             Cois Fharraige            V     Carnmore

Castlegar              V     Salthill Knocknacarra                   Liam Mellows              V     Oranmore Maree

Round 2 to be played on or before 24th Sept

Salthill Knocknacarra   V    Turloughmore                          Oranmore Maree        V    Carnmore

Maigh Cuilinn             V     Castlegar                                Liam Mellows V    Cois Fharraige

Round 3 to be played on or before    1st Oct

Castlegar                    V       Turloughmore                 Cois Fharraige      V     Oranmore Maree                   Salthill Knocknacarra    V       Maigh Cuilinn Carnmore            V     Liam Mellows

Coiste Camogaiochta an Iarthair.       U13 Competition – 2016

Group A: Carnmore, Cois Fharraige, Liam Mellows, Salthill Knocknacarra

Group B: Oranmore Maree, Maigh Cuilinn, Castlegar, Turloughmore

Round 1 to be played on or before 10th September

Carnmore               V    Cois Fharraige                      Oranmore Maree     V    Maigh Cuilinn

Liam Mellows          V    Salthill Knocknacarra             Castlegar               V    Turloughmore

Round 2 to be played on or before    17th September

Liam Mellows          V     Carnmore                           Castlegar               V    Oranmore Maree

Cois Fharraige         V     Salthill Knocknacarra           Turloughmore         V    Maigh Cuilinn

Round 3 to be played on or before     24th September

Salthill Knocknacarra    V     Carnmore                       Oranmore Maree    V    Turloughmore

Cois Fharraige             V     Liam Mellows                 Maigh Cuilinn         V     Castlegar

Junior C Special 12-a-side Championship 2016

Pier Head, Kinvara

First named team has home venue.

First named team has home venue. First team in group qualifies for semi final. Quarter-Finals to be played with cross-over of 2nd& 3rd teams in group

Please note dates are on or before

Group A 







 Group B






Jun 29 Kilconieron v Abbeyknockmoy 

Athenry v Kiltormer 

Pearses v Carnmore

Portumna v Oranmore

Eyrecourt v Craughwell

Sarsfields bye

Jul 6 Athenry v Abbeyknockmoy 

Kiltormer v Carnmore 

Pearses v Kilconieron    

Eyrecourt v Oranmore

Craughwell v Sarsfields

Portumna bye

Jul 13 Kiltormer v Kilconieron 

Carnmore v Athenry 

Abbeyknockmoy v Pearses

Craughwell v Portumna

Sarsfields v Eyrecourt

Oranmore bye

Jul 20 Carnmore v Kilconieron 

Abbeyknockmoy v Kiltormer 

Pearses v Athenry 

Sarsfields v Portumna

Oranmore v Craughwell

Eyrecourt - bye

Jul 27 Kilconieron v Athenry 

Abbeyknockmoy v Carnmore 

Kiltormer v Pearses 

Portumna v Eyrecourt

Oranmore v Sarsfields


Coiste Camogaiochta an Iarthair. U16 Competition – 2016

Group 1: Castlegar, Liam Mellows, Bothar na Tra, Oranmore Maree.

Group 2: Carnmore, Tuloughmore, Cois Fharraige, Athenry.

Group 1:                                                                        Group 2:

Round 1 – to be played by 3rd April

Liam Mellows           V        Castlegar                                   Carnmore           V    Turloughmore

Bothar na Tra          V        Oranmore Maree                         Cois Fharraige    V    Athenry

Round 2 – to be played by 10th April

Oranmore Maree       V       Liam Mellows                              Athenry             V    Turloughmore

Castlegar                  V       Bothar na Tra                             Carnmore          V    Cois Fharraige

Round 3 - to be played by by 17th April

Oranmore Maree       V       Castlegar                                    Athenry              V    Carnmore

Liam Mellows            V       Bothar na Tra                              Cois Fharraige     V    Turloughm

U14 B fixtures 2016

Group A 

Liam Mellowes 





Group B





On or before March 6th

Liam Mellowes v Cappataggle                      Clarinbridge v Craughwell

St.Colemans v Eyrecourt                                killimor v Castlegar

Oranmore Maree Bye

On or before March 13th

st.Colemans v Cappataggle                     Craughwell v Killimor

Eyrecourt v Oranmore Maree                 Castlegar v Clarinbridge

Liam Mellowes Bye

On or before March 20th

Eyrecourt v Liam Mellowes               Clarinbridge v Killimor

Oranmore Maree v St.Colmans          Castlegar v Craughwell

Cappataggle Bye

On or before March 27th

Oranmore Maree V Liam Mellowes

Cappataggle v Eyrecourt

St.Colemans Bye

On or before April 3rd

Liam Mellowes v St.colmans

Cappataggle v Oranmore Maree

Eyrecourt Bye

U12 Team 1 Fixtures 2016

On or before 13th April

Salthill v liam Mellowes

Carnmore v Turloughmore

Castlegar v Cois Fharraige

Abbeyknockmoy v Oranmore Maree

On or before 20th April

Carnmore v Salthill

Liam Mellowes v Turloughmore

Castlegar v Abbeyknockmoy

Cois Dharraige v Oranmore Maree

On or before 27th April

Salthill v Turloughmore

Liam Mellowes v Carnmore

Castlegar v Oranmore Maree

Cois Fharraige v Abbeyknockmoy

On or before 4th May

Salthill v castlegar

Liam Mellowes V Cois fharraige

Abbeyknockmoy v Carnmore

Oranmore Maree v Turloughmore

On or before 11th May

Cois Fharraige v Salthill

Liam Mellowes v Castlegar

Carnmore v Oranmore Maree

Turloughmore v Abbeyknockmoy

On or before May 18th

Abbeyknockmoy v Salthill

Oranmore Maree v Liam Mellowes

Carnmore v Castlegar

Turloughmore v Cois Fharraige

On or before May 25th

Oranmore Maree v Salthill

Abbeyknockmoy v Liam Mellowes

Turloughmore v Castlegar

Cois Fharraige v Carnmore

Quarter -Finals 1st June,Semi-Finals Weekend 12th June with Finals 19th June.

U12 Team 2 Fixtures 2016

Group 1 






Athenry 3 

Group 2


Abbeyknockmoy 2

Athenry 2

Oranmore Maree 2

St.Colemans 2

Na Brideoga

On or before April 13th

Ballygar v Tuam 

Bearna v Moycullen 

Sylane v Athenry 3

Skehana v Abbeyknockmoy

Athenry 2 v Oranmore Maree 2

st.Colemans v Na Brideoga

On or before April 20th

Bearna v Tuam

Moycullen V Sylane 

Athenry 3 v Ballygar 

Athenry 2 v Abbeyknockmoy 2

Oranmore Maree 2 v St.Colemans 2

Na Brideoga v Skehana

On or before April 27th

Moycullen v Ballygar

Sylane v Bearna 

Athenry 3 v Tuam

Oranmore Maree 2 v Skehana

St.Colemans 2 v Athenry 2

Abbeyknockmoy 2 v Na Brideoga

On or before May 4th

sylane v Ballygar 

Tuam v Moycullen 

Bearna v Athenry 3

St.Colemans 2 v Skehana

Abbeyknockmoy v Oranmore Maree 2

Na Brideoga v Athenry 2

On or before May 11th

Ballygar v Bearna 

Tuam v Sylane 

Moycullen v Athenry 3

Skehana v Athenry 2

Abbeyknockmoy 2 v St.Colemans 2

Oranmore Maree 2 v Na Brideoga

Quarter Finals 18th May,

Semi Finals TBC


U10 Group 4 Cluster Blitz

May 4th Castlegar Venue

May 11th Castlegar Venue

May 18th Cois Fharraige Venue

May 25th Turloughmore Venue

June 2nd Oranmore Venue

June 9th Abbeyknockmoy Venue

June 16th Oranmore Venue

Quarter Final 23rd June Kilrickle - Oranmore Maree 5-0 Ballinderreen 0-0

Semi Final 4th July Kinvara - Oranmore Maree beaten by Ardrahan

U12 Group 4 Cluster Blitz

April 15th Abbeyknockmoy v Oranmore Maree (Abbeyknockmoy win by 2 goals)

April 25th Cois Fharraige v Oranmoree Maree (3-0 to 0-0)

April 29th Castlegar v Oranmore Maree

May 6th Oranmore Maree V Turloughmore

May 13th Carnmore v Oranmore Maree

May 20th Oranmore Maree V Liam Mellows

May 27th Oranmore Maree V Salthill

Top 2 teams from NSEW DIVISIONS go forward to A quarter finals, 2nd placed teams go to A1 quarter finals and 3rd placed to B quarter finals etc

Quarter Final - Team 1 - Oranmore Maree v Mullagh Sun 7th June 1pm Kilrickle (Mullagh win)

Quarter Final - Team 2 - Oranmore Maree v Moycullen Mon 8th June 7pm Maree new pitch (Moycullen win)


March 1st Oranmore Maree bye

March 25th 5.45pm Athenry v Oranmore Maree (6-2 to 0-2)

March 14th 2pm Oranmore Maree v Davitts - (0-2 to 5-1)

March 22nd 3pm Oranmore Maree v St.Colmans (2-3 to 0-0)

April 2nd 615pm Ahascragh v Oranmore Maree (0-0 to 3-1)

Top 2 teams in each group qualifies for semi finals, next 2 teams qualify for Shield semi finals.

Shield semi final Mon 13th April 6.40pm old Maree pitch - Oranmore Maree v Cappataggle (1-2 to 1-0)

Shield final - Sun 26th April @ 1pm in Ardrahan (Oranmore Maree 4-4 St Thomas 1-1)

U14 Summer League

21st May 7.45pm Killimor v Oranmore Maree (8-7 to 0-0)

24th May - Craughwell given walkover

8th June 7pm - Ardrahan v Oranmore Maree in Ardrahan (6-7 to 1-2)


April 22nd Shamrocks v Oranmore Maree (7-3 to 1-7)

April 30th Oranmore Maree v St.Thomas @ 6.30pm in Maree old pitch (1-9 to 4-6)

July 2nd Oranmore Maree v Craughwell @ 6pm in Maree old pitch (Craughwell win)

TBC          Davitts v Oranmore Maree

                  Oranmore Maree bye

Top 2 teams in each group qualifes for semi finals 1 v 2, 2 v 1, next 2 teams qualify for Shield semi finals.


Group A  





Cois Fharraige

Group B




Liam Mellows

Oranmore Maree


Group A                           Group B

Craughwell                       Pearses

Mullagh                            Carnmore

MtBellew/Moylough           Abbeyknockmoy

Sarsfields                         Oranmore Maree

Rd 1

March 21st 10am Abbeyknockmoy v Oranmore Maree (5-5 to 2-6)

Rd 2 - Thurs 9th April 7pm Oranmore Maree v Pearses in old Maree pitch (O/M received walkover)

Rd 3 Wednesday April 8th

Rd 4 Saturday April 11th

Rd 5 Tuesday April 28th Carnmore v Oranmore away (Carnmore win)

Semi-Finals May 2nd/3rd neutral venues

Final Sunday 10th May.


Rd 1 Tuesday/Wednesday 24th June

Rd 2 Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th June

Rd 3 Tuesday 14th July/21st July

Rd 4 Wednesday 5th/6th August


Group A  







Group B

 St. Thomas




 Oranmore Maree

Rd1 23rd/24th June

Rd2 27th June Oranmore Maree v Pearse in Killimordaly 6.30pm (3-11 to 1-19)

Rd3 14th/21st July

Rd4 5th/6th August



1A    Killimor v St. Thomas

        Mullagh v Pearses

        Ardrahan v Kinvara

1B   Athenry v Sarsfields

       Castlegar v Davitts

       Oranmore Maree bye.

Sarsfields v Oranmore Maree - Mon 6th April 12pm in Kilrickle (Sarsfields 5-8 O/M 5-12)

Castlegar v Oranmore Maree - Sat 11th April 12pm in Castlegar (Castlegar 5-10 O/M 0-4)

Oranmore Maree v Davitts - Thur 23rd April (6-18 to 0-8)

Oranmore Maree v Athenry - Sat 25th April 6.30pm in Oranmore (O/M 3-10 Athenry 3-15)

Fixtures for 2014:

U-8: Cluster blitzes West Division: starting May 10th, 31st, June 14th.

U-10: 11 a side League West Division: starting May 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th.

U-12: 11 a side League West Division: starting April 16th, 23rd, 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.

U-14: Feile to be played by Sat March 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th. Semis - w/e April 5th/6th. Final - w/e April 19th/20th.

U-16: Rounds 1 & 2 by Fri 25th April and 2nd May. 3 games to be played before Junior Cert exams.

Minor: TBC

Intermediate: League starting 29th March & Championship starting 1st July

U10 League:

Quarter Final - Mullagh 0-0 Oranmore Maree 2-0

Semi Final - Oranmore Maree 0-0 Killimordaly 6-0

U12 West Division fixtures:

Round 1 - Abbeyknockmoy v Oran/Maree by Apr 16 (to be rescheduled)

Round 2 - Cois Farraige v Oran/Maree by Apr 23 (Result 8-1 to 0-0)

Round 3 - Castlegar v Oran/Maree by Apr 30 (Result 1-1 to 2-0)

Round 4 - Oran/Maree v Turloughmore Wed 7th May 6.30pm Maree new pitch (Result 3-1 to 0-0)

Round 5 - Carnmore v Oran/Maree Thurs 15th May 6.15pm in Carnmore (Result 4-3 to 0-0)

Round 6 - Oran/Maree v Liam Mellows Mon 26th May 6.15pm in Maree (Result 1-0 to 4-1)

Round 7 - Oranmore v Salthill Thurs 29th May 6.30pm in Salthill (Result 7-1 to 4-0)

League Quarter finals - Oranmore Maree v Ahascragh Sat 7th June 4pm in Kilrickle (Result 0-0 to 2-2)

U13 Summer League fixtures:

U13 City League fixtures:

Round 1 - Castlegar v Oranmore Maree - Mon 15th Sept 6.30pm in Castlegar (2-1 to 3-5)

Round 2 - Oranmore/Maree v Clarinbridge - Mon 22nd Sept 6.30pm in old Maree pitch (4-0 to 3-0)

Round 3 - Oranmore/Maree v Bothar na Tra - Wed 1st Oct 6.15pm in new Maree pitch (6-5 to 2-0)

Round 4 - Bearna na Forbacha v Oranmore Maree - Oran/Maree received a walkover

Round 5 - Oranmore Maree v Maigh Cuilinn - Oran/Maree received a walkover

Semi-final - Oranmore Maree v Castlegar or Bothar na Tra in Castlegar Mon 27th Oct @ 10.15am. (received a bye to the final)

Final - Oranmore Maree v Clarinbridge in Castlegar Mon 27th Oct @ 11.15am (1-4 to 5-2)

FEILE U14 A Top 2 in each group qualify for semi-finals

GROUP A                               GROUP B

Killimor                                 Carnmore             Round 1 - Oranmore Maree bye

Davitts                                  Ardrahan              Round 2 - Shamrocks v Oranmore Maree Mon 31st March 6.30pm in Kilnadeema (4-0 to 0-3)

St Thomas                            Craughwell           Round 3 - Oranmore Maree v Craughwell Wed 19th March 6pm in Maree new pitch (0-4 to 7-1)

Athenry                                Shamrocks           Round 4 - Oranmore Maree v Carnmore Sat 22nd March 11am in Maree new pitch (1-0 to 1-5)

Sarsfields                             Oranmore Maree   Round 5 - Ardrahan v Oranmore Maree Wed 2nd April 6.30pm in Ardrahan (3-1 to 3-5)

U14 Summer League:

GROUP A                            GROUP B

Carnmore                              Cappataggle              Round 1 - Oranmore Maree v Killimor by 6th June (Oran/Maree received walkover)

Shamrocks                            Ardrahan                  Round 2 - Kiltulla/Killimorday v Oranmore Maree Wed 25th June 7pm (4-3 to 4-1)

St Thomas                            Craughwell                Round 3 - Oranmore Maree v Craughwell Wed 16th July 7pm Maree new pitch (6-3 to 10-2)

Athenry                                 Kiltulla/Killimordaly    Round 4 - Oranmore Maree v Cappataggle by 27 June (Cappataggle win)

Sarsfields                             Oranmore Maree        Round 5 - Ardrahan v Oranmore Maree by 4 July (Ardrahan win)

Davitts                                  Killimor

U15 City League: Blitz on Sun 12th October in Castlegar - beaten in final by Cois Fharraige

U16A Championship:

GROUP A                                GROUP B

Cois Fharraige                           St Thomas                 Round 1 - Athenry v Oran/Maree Thurs 24th April @ 6pm in Raheen (6-8 to 3-6)

Turloughmore                             Killimor                     Round 2 - Oran/Maree v Craughwell Thurs 1st May @ 6.15pm Maree (2-5 to 2-13)

Ardrahan                                   Athenry                     Round 3 - Oran/Maree v St Thomas Mon 14th July 6.30pm Maree old pitch (St Thomas win)

Davitts                                      Oranmore Maree        Round 4 - Killimor v Oran/Maree (Oranmore/Maree win)

Sarsfields                                  Craughwell                Round 5 - bye

U16A Shield semi-final - Ardrahan v Oran/Maree Mon 29th Sept @ 6pm in Ardrahan (2-7 to 8-11)

U16A Shield final - Oran/Maree v Athenry - Saturday 13th Dec @ 12 noon in Kinvara (2-8 to 4-9)

MINOR A Championship:

Round 1 - Ardrahan defeated Oranmore Maree

Round 2 - Athenry v Oranmore Maree - Sat 1st Nov @ 3.30pm in Carnaun. (O/M 1-8 Athenry 2-2)

Round 3 - Oranmore Maree v Craughwell - Sunday 9th Nov @ 11.30am in Oranmore.Pitch. (O/M 4-7 Craughwell 4-7)

County Semi-final - Oranmore Maree v Sarsfields - Sunday 16th Nov @ 12.30pm in Kinvara (O/M 0-13 Sarsfields 3-5)

Intermediate League (top 2 to qualify for semis):

Round 1 - Oran/Maree v Eyrecourt - Sat 29th March @ 5pm in Maree (Result Oran/Maree 1-8 Eyrecourt 1-12)

Round 2 - Oran/Mareev Cappataggle - Tues 1st April in Maree (Result Oran/Maree 5-10 Cappataggle 0-1)

Round 3 - Carnmore v Oran/Maree - Fri 11th April @ 6.45pm in Carnmore (Result Carnmore 0-14 Oran/Maree 0-4)

Round 4 - Kiltormer v Oran/Maree - Tues 22nd April @ 7pm in Kiltormer (Result Kiltormer 1-2 Oran/Maree 6-9)

Round 5 - bye

Intermediate Championship:

GROUP A                                   GROUP B

Eyrecourt                                    Kiltulla/Killimordaly            Round 1 - Oran/Maree bye

Ahascragh/Caltra                         Carnmore                          Round 2 - Ahascragh/Caltra v Oran/Maree Sun 6th July @ 5.30pm in Bullaun (Result 0-8 to 2-13)

Turloughmore                              Mountbellew/Moylough       Round 3 - Eyrecourt v Oran/Maree Wed 23rd July @ 7.30pm in KiInadeema (Result 3-11 to 3-11)

Cappataggle                                Kiltormer                          Round 4 - Turloughmore v Oran/Maree by 9th Aug

Oranmore Maree                                                                Round 5 - Cappataggle v Oran/Maree by 30th Aug

County quarter-final Sat 20th Sept @ 1.45pm Loughrea - Oranmore Maree 3-8 Carnmore 0-14

County semi-final Sun 5th Oct @ 2pm Loughrea - Oranmore Maree 3-10 Mountbellew Moylough 0-10

County final Sun 18th Oct @ 4.30pm Loughrea - Oranmore Maree 2-11 Eyrecourt 4-5 (draw)

County final replay Sun 26th Oct @ 1.15pm Loughrea - Oranmore Maree 0-11 Eyrecourt 0-8

Connacht final Sun 30th Nov @ 2pm Oranmore pitch - Oranmore Maree 1-6 Four Roads 3-2 (AET)

All-Ireland semi-final Sun 1st Feb 2015 @ 2.30pm in Charleville, Co Cork - Oranmore Maree (1-12) v Lismore (Waterford) (1-14)

Click here for additional fixtures list

2013 Results

U12 League

Oranmore Maree bye over Na Brideoga

Oranmore Maree 6-1 Cois Fharraige 2-0

Oranmore Maree 6-1 Castlegar 4-1

Oranmore Maree 2-1 Turloughmore 6-2

Oranmore Maree 2-1 Liam Mellows 5-2

Oranmore Maree 0-1 Carnmore 6-2

Oranmore Maree bye over Salthill

Oranmore Maree 0-5 Kiltormer 1-3 (Qtr Final)

U13 Summer League

Oranmore Maree 1-6 Davitts 6-3

Kiltulla/Killimordaly 5-3 Oranmore Maree 2-3

Portumna 5-0 Oranmore Maree 5-0

Oranmore Maree 2-3 Shamrocks 2-4

Oranmore Maree 2-2 Cappataggle 3-7

U13 City League

Oranmore Maree 3-2 Craughwell 5-4

Carnmore 5-6 Oranmore Maree 2-1

U14A Feile

Oranmore Maree 1-1 Killimor 4-2

Oranmore Maree 0-0 Sarsfields 2-4

Oranmore Maree 2-3 Cois Fharraige 1-3

Oranmore Maree walkover v St Thomas

U14 Summer League

Oranmore Maree 4-0 Ardrahan 7-4

Oranmore Maree 5-9 Kiltulla/Killimordaly 0-0

Oranmore Maree 2-0 Shamrocks 3-3

Oranmore Maree 3-8 Ballinderreen 3-2

U16B Championship

Oranmore Maree 3-10 St. Colmans 2-2

Oranmore Maree beaten by Salthill

Oranmore Maree beaten by Clarinbridge

Junior League

Oranmore Maree 4-4 Ballinasloe 4-10

Oranmore Maree walkover v Clarinbridge

Oranmore Maree 3-8 Killimor 2-4

Oranmore Maree 1-0 Clarinbridge 5-9 (League play-off)


Shamrocks 1-4 Oranmore-Maree 4-12

Oranmore-Maree 1-16 Bothar Na Tra 1-4

Oranmore Maree walkover Killimor

Ballinderreen 2-7 Oranmore Maree 1-5

Clarinbridge 1-6 Oranmore Maree 3-6

Cois Fharraige 1-11 Oranmore Maree 4-12

Oranmore Maree 2-16 Ballinasloe 0-6

Oranmore Maree 2-14 Ballinasloe 1-3 (County semi-final)

Oranmore Maree 2-9 Clarenbridge 3-4 (County Final Champions!!!)

Oran 1-6 Oranmore Maree 0-14 (Connacht champions!!!)

Minor B Championship Results

Oranmore Maree 6-8 Bothar na Tra 3-4

Oranmore Maree received walkover from Mountbellew Moylough

Oranmore Maree received walkover from Mullagh

County semi-final - Eyrecourt 3-11 Oranmore Maree